A band is born ..... First Line-Up 1980
( L to R ) Lee, Russ Hammock, Bruce Batten, Dave Fairman

Original Business Card 1980

( L to R ) Bruce, Lee, Russ, & Dave
Opening for The Theatre Band at the Courtroom Lounge 1980

( L to R ) Bruce, Lee, Russ, & Joel (second line-up)
Dave Fairman leaves the band and is replaced by Joel McClellan
Opening for The Fanatics at the Courtroom Lounge.

1981 (third line-up) Promo Shot
( L to R ) Russ, Bruce, Ray Rosario, Joel, & Lee
Picture taken at Coachman Park, Clearwater

After leaving the 1981 line-up, Lee takes his band name and reforms with Dave Fairman once again and they begin rehearsing with Kacy Ross who has decided to leave the Theatre Band and start something new. Once established, and after playing a few shows with drummer Andre Belloise, Ricky Wilcox (Theatre drummer) is asked to join making the new group complete. Russ, Bruce, & Ray go on to form a successful heavy metal band. This photo taken in an alley across the street from St.Petersburg's Jannus Landing.

1982 (fifth line-up) Promo Shot
( L to R ) Dave, Lee, Kacy Ross, & Ricky Wilcox
photo taken for "Steppin' Out" magazine by Dennis Osbourne

( L to R ) Dave, Lee, Rick Demartini, Ricky Wilcox, & Kacy Ross
photo by Billy Yonker outside Ron's Highway Lounge

1990's (final line-up)
( L to R ) Stevie Grandmaison, Kacy Ross, & Ricky Wilcox


DT at the Cheshire Cat opening for The Headlights 2/12/83:
track 1: Head On Hayride
track 2: I Feel Lucky (cool in suit)
track 3: Hiding From The Sun
track 4: On The Battlefront
track 5: Sometime Next Year
track 6: When I Was Seventeen
track 7: On My Way To Chicago
track 8: Blue Des Moines
track 9: For The Sake Of Argument
track 10: Better This Way

45rpm vinyl ep:
Pink Mescaline

Home studio demo:
El Diablo

Y95's Radio Clash:
Head On Hayride
People Of Earth


Band Member Roster
Photo Album


"That Dirty Clown" Available NOW on CD!
After years of being locked away in a dark, dank corner, "That Dirty Clown" one of Kacy's solo projects will finally be released by Monitor Music Network/Grim based out of New York City. TDC was recently aired on a nationwide radio program hosted by Mr. Ross and drew the attention of MMN/Grim who have mastered the original recordings and sent them off to production for world wide distribution.
Get your very own copy of That Dirty Clown by checking out the TDC MySpace page.

Where Are They Now?

Kacy Ross

Here is a rare photo of Kacy circa '73 in his parents' basement working out new material that would one day become Rich Rags and Deloris Telescope songs.

Kacy Ross is still out there somwhere along with Fox Moulder's truth.

Andre Belloise

Andre has managed to keep himself extremely busy since the time he was in DT. Not only does he have his own company designing personal in-ear monitoring devices but he also has an award winning 80's tribute band called Men From Mars and hosts a free haunted house at his home in Clearwater. Check out Andre on the web.
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+Hear Yourself
Personal in-ear monitoring made easy!

Men From Mars
80's Tribute

Men From Mars on MySpace

Andre's Haunted House

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Ricky Wilcox

Check out Ricky (Bonecrusher) Wilcox on the web.
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Stevie Grandmaison

Check out Stevie Grandmaison on the web.
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Dave Fairman

Dave Fairman is alive and well in Safety Harbor, Florida. You can find Dave hosting open mic night every Saturday at Trotti's in Safety Harbor. Click on the link below to send Dave some email. He loves to hear from his fans.
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Russ Hammock

Russ is now a quiet family man, living in Clearwater.
Occasionally he can be reached at the email address below.
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Eddie Pecchio

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We would like to contact any other former DT members. If you find this site, please let us know where you are.